Meet JP at Age 7

If this isn’t an accurate description of who I am as a person, still be silly and dressing the way I want to dress, I don’t know what is. I wonder if 7-year-old JP knew I would grow up do Radio and entertaining people for a living. Living in Chicago, I grew up with a pretty amazing family that let me be creative, sensitive and just be me. Don’t get me wrong, I did have challenges, including being bullied, but I still have a pretty amazing tribe back in Chicago and am so thankful for each and every one of them.

JP Allen as a Kid

Meet High School Prom King JP

Still silly but you did read that correctly, I was voted Prom King in High School. I didn’t have a typo or anything. And yes, this photo is actually me (I was a little bit smaller back then) but my passion for life and making people laugh never changed. I used to be a swimmer (you might be able to see that shirt under my varsity jacket). Oh… and am I wearing a Puka Shell necklace?!? LOL. Yep. It was definitely a thing back then and I rocked it (maybe?!?)! If you ask my wife, she wasn’t surprised by the “title” and she makes me feel pretty handsome every day.

High School Prom King... yep that's JP

Meet Married JP Living in Phoenix, AZ Doing Radio

Flash forward 17 years later and I am here living in Phoenix, AZ with my wife Heidi and our 2 dogs Fitz & Frank the Tank. In just 8 months, we

JP Allen in Arizona doing Radio


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