Meet Heidi

Born and raised in Midland, Michigan. Heidi graduated from Dow High School and then Central Michigan University. While in college, she had an amazing opportunity to complete an internship in Guam (located in the South Pacific). She worked at Pacific Islands Club Resort (PIC for short) and worked in the Sports, Entertainment and Marketing Department. She then went on to teach English for a year in Seoul, South Korea.

After getting back to the US, Heidi then started working in Hospitality at Valley Plaza Resort in Midland, MI followed by being the Concierge Manager for the Midland Country Club to then be recruited to work in Radio. Heidi started as the Interactive Specialist for NextMedia Group based in Saginaw, MI. She continued to excel and had great bosses to help her grow and let her shine.

Then… Heidi was recruited off of LinkedIn thanks to April Wilson and Nancy Barre for a career move of a lifetime to work for Lincoln Financial Media Group in Atlanta, GA. It was an opportunity that she couldn’t refuse so Heidi & Fitz made the move. Heidi moved to Atlanta, GA in June 2014 for a great job opportunity at Star 94.1. Little did she know… but 6 months later she would meet a new colleague that would eventually be a cool friend to hang out with that would then be one of the most important people in her life!

Heidi is now the Director of Automotive for Local Marketing, Inc based in Atlanta, GA and moved to Phoenix Arizona with her husband to help open up her agency’s West Coast office.

More About JP (John Paul) Allen

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. JP graduated from Maine South High School and Southern Illinois University. Little did JP know… when he started interning at small radio stations in Marion Illinois when he was 20, that someday he’d be working at some of the biggest Radio Stations in the country later in life.

One of those stations was Q101 in Chicago. When JP was in 6th grade he once called into the Q101 radio station and push record on his cassette tape so he had a copy of him requesting a song. He loved hearing his voice on the radio!

It was his dream job to do that for a living. He just didn’t know that someday he’d be joining his dream station as an on-air personality. Around 11 months after he graduated SIU he received an unpaid promotions entry-level internship with Q101 and that’s when the hard work to prove himself started. Supplementing his income as a waiter, lifeguard, landscaper, babysitter, and swim instructor… JP did what he had to do to chase his dreams(for around 4 years). JP FINALLY got his break as a weekend personality and as a full-time producer for The Sherman and Tingle Show. Then 3 months later Q101 FLIPPED formats and almost all of JP’s friends and Co-workers were fired.

This was a tough blow and he struggled to cope with all of the hard work that finally paid off that seemly went away in the blink of an eye. Through the support of family, friends, and mentors in his life he stuck it out and worked in an all-news format as a producer for 7 months at FM news 101.1…

THEN Philadelphia came calling. JP’s friend and old co-worker Tingle had an opportunity to go work in the city of Brotherly Love. JP took it and left Chicago with two bags leaving everything he’d known.

Philadelphia was a HUGE growing experience for him. He purchased his first vehicle, ran his first marathon, he witnessed amazing concerts, flew to LA twice to interview celebrities, and continued to gain more confidence and experience on the air. After 3 years there… the station switched formats and was looking to cash his experience in a different market.

Atlanta here we come. Only this time… it wasn’t going to be a new radio experience that would change his life… it would be a pretty, fun, optimistic person named Heidi from Michigan that would change his life FOREVER!

Just Friends…How Cute

just friends - color run photoJP & Heidi were just friends for about a year before they started dating! Crazy right!?! haha. Being as social as they both are, neither of them could say no to a group outing (color runs, bubble soccer tournaments, drinks after work, local brewery tours, etc…).

Funny thing is that Heidi would introduce him to some women she knew… and try and hook him up on dates. JP never said yes. He was too busy and didn’t have much interest. One night one of Heidi’s friends said… “Why don’t you date JP?!!” Heidi never really thought about it since they worked together… BUT THE SEED WAS PLANTED. Fireworks would eventually happen between them.

October 24, 2015 – Indoor JAM

team hole patrol - indoor jamIndoor JAM… the day that everything changed. Heidi needed a partner for this indoor tournament (let’s be honest… cornhole & beer pong tournament – a fun day of drinking with friends)! You got extra points for dressing up so naturally Heidi & JP came up with the team name “Hole Patrol” and dressed up as Cops.

*Don’t judge* lol.

Leading up to this… there was definitely some flirting going on and some consultation sessions going on with Alisa from their work and LOTS of Heidi’s friends telling her to make a move.

Little did we know that October 24, 2015, would be that day.

You may or may not know… but Heidi is very competitive and JP is competitive but NOT quite as much as Heidi (which is a good thing)! They both wanted to win, not only to impress the other person but… to WIN. Who goes into a tournament with any other thought that we are going to win this?!? haha.

After winning a few games and getting some liquid courage, Heidi & JP started Chest Bumping after every win. It was quite comical (5’3 to 6’4) – you get the idea.

The Hole Patrol Team was doing very well, and as they were in playoffs to make it to the final 4 after an amazing shot to win the game, Heidi goes running towards JP and instead of chest-bumping, he picks her up (it was like one of those super romantic movies). Time literally stood still and JP finally made his move. He kissed her. Butterflies, birds singing and ever since that moment – they were both hooked!

Secretly Dating

secretly datingOnce JP and Heidi kissed and saw each other at work… it was a hard secret to keep. Slowly our co-workers starting finding out and one of the first things they would say to us is, “I CALLED THAT! You two are perfect for each other!”

Within the first week of dating, we went to an Atlanta Hawks game (against Detroit Pistons), then to a Dave and Buster’s type place called “The Main Event” followed by going to the movies. It just felt right! We both knew very quickly that we didn’t want to see any other people and mutually thought “Let’s see where this goes.”

Proposal Planning

the ringIn July, JP asked Heidi’s dad for permission to marry her in Birmingham, Alabama at the World Deer Expo. There were a lot of sharp objects that Ron McIvor could have hurt JP with if he didn’t like that idea. THANKFULLY Ron gave JP his approval!

JP bought Heidi’s engagement ring and had his friend Jordan hold it for safekeeping for almost 4 months! JP wanted to go big with the execution of the proposal and had the idea to sing “I want to grow old with you” by Adam Sandler from the movie, ” The Wedding Singer”. JP is kind of a goofball like Adam too!

The only problem with this idea is that JP didn’t own a guitar or know how to play this song on the guitar. He asked his friend Tim who asked his brother to borrow his guitar. He said yes! JP hid the guitar at work and learned the cords and practiced hard. Heidi was wondering when the engagement was going to happen ever since she found out that JP asked her dad for permission back in July. Anticipation kept growing. Jordan also kept asking JP when it was going to happen because keeping the ring for that long was starting to stress him out too.

JP concocted a whole scenario with the help of his amazing coworkers on The Jeff & Jenn Show on Star 94.1. They made up a guy named Chad who wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Star 94.1’s Jingle Jam Concert. Chad didn’t exist, it was all made up so JP could surprise Heidi in front of 8,000+ people. With the help of his co-workers Jeff Dauler, Jenn Hobby, Kelly Cheese, and Jeannine Riley; the stage was set to surprise Heidi on December 4, 2016.

JP Proposed – December 4, 2016

The days leading up to the proposal were getting really tough to keep the secret of the proposal. Luckily, the long-awaited proposal was about to happen LIVE on stage at Star 94.1’s Jingle Jam concert. JP texted Heidi during the concert asking if she wanted to come backstage to meet Charlie Puth after his set. Heidi said yes.

From there, Heidi met the Star 94 morning show crew backstage waiting for Charlie Puth to finish singing in front of a packed house at the Infinite Energy Arena in Gwinnett. JP disappeared and Heidi wasn’t quite sure what to think… a part of her thought, could this be happening tonight? But she kept pushing the idea out of her head. She didn’t want to be disappointed.

The rest is kind of a blur with the specifics but the Morning Show went on stage to introduce themselves and introduce the next band. Little did everyone know, that JP was about to perform.

And There’s MORE!

and theres moreIf proposing on stage at a huge concert by singing “I wanna grow old with you” wasn’t enough… there was MORE!

After Heidi said yes, JP said he had another surprise. How could there be another surprise that could possibly even come close to the romantic on stage proposal? We walked around the stage and who was there? Some of Heidi’s BEST FRIENDS from Michigan. They witnessed the entire thing. Immediately, Heidi, had tears rolling down her face hugging each of her amazing friends for making the trip.

JP knew how special this moment was going to be, not only for Heidi but for some of her closest friends. And to top it off… Danielle’s boyfriend Shaun came to Atlanta for this special event ON his 30th birthday!! We feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives that love us.


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