Surprising My Wife with Meet & Greet Passes for Maren Morris

My wife loves music just as much as I do and one of her favorite country artists is Maren Morris. Strong female artist, cross-over artist, great vocals and living her best life isn’t hard to get behind. Plus, with the work, she is doing to make sure that Female Country Artists continue to have a Voice on Country Radio is pretty impeccable as well! I have to support my wife in saying Maren Morris is an artist to be reckoned with.

Meeting Maren Takeaways

Maren is a dog parent like us. Her dog’s name is Pancake. She is shorter than my wife (it surprised both of us). She is kind, a little shy and just as sweet as you would imagine. She has the best furry slippers (see photo). Maren has the best portable bar that she takes on tour for her band (including great drinks + a polaroid camera).

Maren Morris is Pregnant

We found out after the show in the tabloids, but Maren was actually pregnant when we met her.

Heidi McIvor Allen with Maren Morris in Phoenix AZ Meet and Greet with Maren Morris in Phoenix AZ I think my wife loves me


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