It’s only appropriate to build a playlist for Vegas with 382+ Songs and over 24 hours of music ALL on one playlist. If you’re looking for a great mix to complement your Vegas boys weekend like I did, then you need to download and save this one. It has songs for all your moods and the highs and lows of gambling on the strip and just chilling and catching up with your friends that made the trip from all over the US to meet in one place.

Top Free/Almost Free Things to Do in Vegas

  • Bellagio + Water Show – You can spend a day at the Bellagio without spending ANY money. You can zone out watching the ceiling designs inside the lobby, check out the aromatic flower conservatory that changes with the seasons and then, of course, the amazing water show. Last time I was there they were dancing to #Friends TV Show music.
  • Ride the Deuce – for a small fee you can ride up and down Las Vegas Blvd on a double-decker bus named “The Deuce”. the bus runs 24 hours and it’s a good way to people watch and take in the city
  • Midnight Bowling – there is actually a bowling alley at the Gold Coast that has $1 Midnight Special and Shoe Rentals for only $1.
    Listen to Bad Beat Stories – I saw this online and LOVE it. No one likes to hear bad beat stories but everyone LOVES to tell their own. lol. You could create a “Bad Beat Story Service” and charge poker players $1 for you to listen to their sad stories! Hang out near one of the more popular poker rooms and chat it up with the sad ones who lose.


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