Are YOU scared of a bull just by the name?
That’s a game we played with Cody Johnson and he made us laugh A LOT! This ain’t Cody’s first rodeo. LITERALLY. He used to ride bulls professionally and be a prison guard. He is a GREAT person to have on your side. Oh yeah… and he can melt your face with his performances. Thanks for the laughs Cody!

Cody Johnson Interview at Coors Light Birds Nest

Gunner and Cheyenne got the opportunity to talk to Cody Johnson. He gave us his "Big Game" prediction. Also, since Cody used to ride bulls… JP asked Cody if he is scared of a bull just by the sound of its name. We all had fun and laughed. Cody is AWESOME!!!

Posted by KMLE Country 107.9 on Wednesday, January 29, 2020



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